Information about GamesCactus


At games cactus we have got loads of games, every game is placed under the right category so you can find the game you like on the place it belongs.
We have got dress up games so this is exact the right place for the girl gamers that are on the website, also barbie games are part of our website so enough games for girls to find here!

Of course we do not only have games for girls. We also have lots of games for boys, boys who love to play games like the old school arcade games or the smaller html games are on the right website here!
We have got strategy games, race games, shooting games, action games like spiderman games but also soccer games and tower defense games!

If you try to find more information about GamesCactus, just look around, thats the best way to find out what we’ve got on our website!


Some information about our rank system.
Our rank system is a special one, we use achievements and quests you can complete just by playing games and adding friends. To find out what kind of achievements we’ve got and how you can get them, take a look at our achievement page by clicking here.

When you gain an achievement you will automatically gain points, better called experience points. With those points you will level up, just like online games use their experience points!
If you would like to know where you’re standing on the leaderboard / ranking, just check out our ranking page by clicking here.

Achievements and Quests

The greatest / best part of GamesCactus is that you can win achievements and complete quests by playing games! In this way there will always be a challenge playing games at GamesCactus.
Check the achievements on our special achievements page to see which achievements and quests there are at the moment. Of course we will add new achievements and quests with updates / new games to let our top players also have fun and competition against each other and to give new players the chance to become the new top player by completing more quests and achievements than the players that are on rank 1 at this moment!

IO Games

Have you ever heard of .IO games?
If not, then try them out on our website!
If yes, then you’ve got luck because we’ve got loads of them, is one of them.

Whats an .io game?
.io games are online multiplayer games which you can play with people all around the world, but even with your friends! You will gain achievements for playing those games, just because we like them and we would like to promote them! It means that you will level up for playing those games and you will gain special achievements which you will only get for playing .io games.
Hunt down the other drones in Defeat your friends in by shooting them down! Eat your friends in this .io fish game!